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Spring Foraging Cornwall | Rachel Lambert

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    Spring Foraging Cornwall | Rachel Lambert

    We are lucky enough to be the start point for two Spring foraging  walks at the Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature run by the esteemed forager and wild food expert, Rachel Lambert. You may recognise her from her  TV  appearances on This Morning, or read her work in the Independent or the Daily Express, or possibly her sell out book; Wild Food Foraging in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Rachel has a passion for ecology and the abundance of variety found in the hedgerows, beaches and meadows of the South West, as she explains below..

    Spring Foraging Cornwall | Rachel Lambert

    Foraging is a natural activity, engaged with since the beginning of time, though it never ceases to amaze me how it still excites and thrills both adults and children. I’ve seen people captivated by a single flavour and their complete satisfaction at the mastery of finding their own wild ingredients. All this in a world where we have access to almost anything we want, these simple pleasures still win the day.

    Rachel Lambert

    When Spring arrives I too am in awe – nature has done it again, providing such a bounty that I’m spoilt by choice of what to pick. Any time of year I can gain pleasure from foraging; hidden delights of Winter, gregarious flowers and berries of Summer and Autumn, though Spring, Spring is something else.

    As the days lengthen and the earth warms, happiness seems to come more easily. The plants respond too, growing faster and drawing up more sweetness and nutrition with it. Have you ever eaten a nettle and enjoyed it’s sweetness, or a tiny seaweed and thought you were eating an oyster? These pleasures are available for us all if we’re willing to step away, even just for a little while, from the monotone flavours that supermarkets present to us.

    Spring is the time for leaves, shoots, flowers and stems. Everywhere you look you may see weeds, greens and a few flowers. I see nutrition and choice, possibilities of endless meals, cakes, salads, canapés and snacks. From succulent pennyworts to tangy sorrel, from aromatic cow weed to sweet garlic. Herbaceous wild chervil, bitter sweet alexanders, the list goes on. The hedges and shoreline really are alive with edible delicacies.

    It’s easy to be greedy, though that doesn’t really work for foraging, it’s as much in the process of foraging as it is in the dishes as a result. And fresh is best, so picking just what is needed at the time, leaving the rest for the wildlife and eco-system is contentment at its best.

    Spring is theatre for the eyes, ears, fingertips and taste buds; exploring hedgerows, rock pools, paths, fields and even cracks in the walls for performers to eat is a wonderful way to enjoy the Spring warmth and light evenings. Of course there are cautions to take; be 100% sure of what you’re picking, pick away from sprayed fields, above dog pee height, check water quality, ask the land-owner’s permission and only pick where plants are abundant and never more than a third of what’s growing.

    Apart from that, prepare to forage and enjoy; the world is your oyster, or sweet nettle, or dandelion, or, or… foraging

    Lastly, is to say thank you; to nature, to Spring for returning each year, to the plants for everything they provide us and thank you for taking care when you forage and appreciating what we have.

    If you would like more information on foraging you can visit Rachel here, or why not come along to one of her coastal and foraging walks at the Fowey Hotel during the Fowey Festival, you can book tickets to the event here.

    Travelling a distance, see what breaks and offers we have available at The Fowey Hotel, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about breaks and offers.


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