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Cornish to English Dictionary

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    Cornish to English Dictionary

    Heading to Cornwall for a break?  Remember to print of and take with you our very own Cornish to English Dictionary to help you converse with us local folk!


    Think of the Spanish shouting mañana, but more laid back and Cornish, I’ll get on with this important task at some point, maybe not today, probably not tomorrow..


    Oh! Honestly! What is he like? He’s always up to something, that one.


    Picture, the sympathy you would feel towards a small child whom has just lost his ice cream cone to a monster seagull.

    I’m ruf-az-rats

    Stayed at the pub a bit late, drank a few too many ciders, fell off my chair and have woken up looking like Worzel Gummidge with a sever hangover.

    Gone up north

    He’s gone to Plymouth

    Fercrisaeik, ellydoinov?

    For {insert word of choice} sake, tourist from London, what are you doing even attempting to drive down this narrow lane in that car?


    Bit of a secret here, listen carefully.


    How far is that? Over the Tamar Bridge, no way.

    Bleddy ‘ansum

    Looks beautiful, could be the view, or could be a pint of finest Cornish Cider


    Well, I suppose I’d better be heading off now, three pints of ‘Proper Job‘ is probably enough, else I’ll be ruf-az-rats in the morning


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