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Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

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    Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    Oh my god, you are soon to be married and probably have a head swimming with venues, florists table plans, colour schemes and more! So we have collated, based on our personal planning experiences, our top 5 wedding planning tips. Ones you might not read in a wedding magazine, and you won’t find the in an etiquette handbook.

    Just simple practical advice…

    The Planning Stage

    When picking a date, check your own calendar, all local calendars, and the sporting calendars. No bride would be happy with half her wedding party and the groom skipping out early to watch the World Cup finals!

    When you send out your save the date cards, send out with them a guide to local accommodation or if you are getting married in a hotel, send booking details. People like to prepare, most will be just as excited as you are, and they will want to book themselves. If you don’t include the information, you will likely be inundated with requests and recommendations… No one needs that stress!


    This one is pretty simple, basically if you don’t ask you don’t get! You want a band to play an extra 30 minutes, ask them to do it before you sign any agreement or pay any money. Want a certain floral arrangement, but its slightly over budget, ask them to do it for your budget price. You can save hundreds of pounds on all sorts of supplies, especially if your wedding is out of season.

    On the Day

    Carry an emergency contact sheet on your wedding day. Keep this paper with the names and phone numbers of all your vendors somewhere safe and accessible. You never know but it may come in handy in case your wedding car gets lost, or the cake starts to lean!

    Before you arrive, make sure one of the groomsmen announces before you arrive to your guests your social media policy. Many brides these days choose to respectively request that no photos are posted on line until after the event. This is so the bride and groom can be the first to share pictures of themselves as a married couple!


    Enjoy your day!

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