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Top Five Tips to Beat the January Blues

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    Top Five Tips to Beat the January Blues

    January is one of the toughest months of the year! The weather is drab and drearily, money is short and we are still humping about those extra Christmas pounds.  But fear not, here are some very easy ways to cheer yourself up this winter..

    Plan a Holiday

    Just the idea of planning your next break is scientifically proven to improve mood, not only does it give you something sunny to look forward too, but it releases endorphins, the body’s natural happy chemical. Check out the Richardson’s Hotel January offers here.


    We’re not talking annual gym membership here, just get moving. Brave the cold and walk to the shop for your milk, hit your local pool for a swim, or challenge a friend to game of table tennis. Not only will it help you lose your winter weight it will make you feel great.


    Let’s face it, it’s dark when you get up, and it’s dark when you leave work. It’s basically dark all the time.  So sunlight is hard to come by, but if you can leave your desk on your lunch break just to get a few rays in then do it. It can make all the difference. Sunlight helps our bodies make vitamin D, which helps fight off the blues!


    Money might be tight after the big Christmas spend so fancy meals and expensive wine might not be a great idea, but what about dinner at a friend’s, or a cheaper weekend lunch. We have a  3 course Sunday lunch menu here that won’t break the bank.

    Treat yourself

    Grab a posh ice cream, tasty bar of chocolate or if you are feeling flush head to a local spa for a sauna or massage. A bit of self-indulgence will do the world of good.

    Look after yourself this month, don’t worry, not long till summer now!

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