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What to Pack for a Winter Break

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    What to Pack for a Winter Break

    Packing for a winter weather break can seem daunting, but follow this simple guide to keeping it light.


    Devon and Cornwall still average 50-75 hours of sunshine throughout November and December, so sunglasses are an unexpected must for sitting out with a hot drink watching the waves roll in.


    Dramatic, ever changing weather and high tides equal magical photograph opportunities not to be missed.


    Think thin and plentiful with layers, rather than a thick, space consuming knitted number.  Colour coordination is key be sure to use your scarf’s and hats as fashionable, functional accessories.


    A beach or country walk essential item, pop a pair in a heavy duty supermarket bag and leave the in the boot of the car until you need them.


    With all this practical packing, don’t forget you are going away to have fun. Ladies and Gentlemen, please don’t forget your evening wear!

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